Dress Code

Havana Smoke and Reserve is an upscale bar with expectations for guest attire. Since dress codes often seem like more of a suggestion than policy, we thought it best to describe ours in the form of Do's and Don'ts so you don't get turned away at the door.


No clothing with offensive language, athletic shorts, swim trunks, sweatpants, or athletic slides.

No baggy clothing. Pants and shorts must have pockets and belt loops.

Children & Pet Policy: All guests must be 21+ to enter. No pets are allowed.


Ladies: Dress for a night on the town and keep it classy. Jeans are allowed, just no excessive ripping or undergarments showing.

Gentlemen: Dress smart casual. Collared shirts are suggested, not required. Stylish/fitted t-shirts, shorts and jeans are allowed.

Dress shoes are recommended, however, clean, athletic sneakers are allowed.

Dress hats are encouraged, all hats must face forward at all times.

Exception: We support all our professional sports teams. Game day attire is allowed on home game days only.